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Gambia/Lazy workersBack
[Published: Friday January 20 2012]

Gambia's President threatens 'lazy workers'
Banjul, 20 Jan – (ANA) – Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has promised to "wipe out 82%" of workers, accusing them of being lazy.
The former army officer promised to be "even more dangerous than when I was in uniform".
He also vowed to turn his tiny West African nation into an "economic superpower" over the next five years.
President Jammeh first seized power in 1994 but was re-elected in December in a widely criticised poll.
"You cannot be in your offices every day doing nothing... and at the end of the day you expect to be paid," he said on a televised address on Wednesday after being sworn in for a fourth term as president.
"This has to stop. You either do your work or leave or go to jail," the president said. (ANA)
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