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[Published: Friday August 26 2011]

556 Polisario mercenaries captured by the NTC


Tripoli, 25 August. - (ANA)- After the Libyan rebels victory against against Muammar Gaffadi’s forces and mercenaries, 556 Polisario Front mercenaries and hundreds of others of African origin have been captured by the rebels and are now in the hands of the National Transitional Council (NTC), according to officials of the NTC quoted by the French website

The Polisario prisoners most of whom were captured in the city of Zawiya but also in Bab Al Aziziya, Gaddafi’s military compound, were transferred to Benghazi to await the capture of the rest of the mercenaries hi9red by Gaddafi to fight against the people of Libya who were desperate to get rid of the dictaror who ruled the country with an iron-fist for 42 years and squandred all its wealth.

Algeria’s embassy in Tripoli was attacked on 22 August by rebels who found inside the building incriminating documents of Algiers widespread support to Gaddafi’s regime during the uprising. Apart from the Polisario mercenaries hired by Gaddafi and whose headquarters are based near Tindouf, in south-west Algeria, there was massive military and logistical support from the Algerian regime.

The NTC has come to the conclusion that dozens of Polisario mercenaries have been killed in the fighting and others simply disappeared to southern Algeria when Tripoli was overrun by rebel forces. Tension has been the order of the day between the leadership of the NTC and the Algerian government during the uprising when it was disclosed that the Algerian military was involved in supporting Gaddafi’s regime by providing him with 500 Toyota pick-ups, provisions and ammunitions. The NTC has ordered the rebel forces to capture the rest of the mercenaries to put them on trial and justice will be served.   

In March, Ali Richi, who was Libya’s minister in charge of immigration before he joined the Libyan rebels, denounced the existence of Polisario mercenaries among Gaddafi’s forces and NATO officials also confirmed the presence of Polisario mercrenaries in the rank of Gaddafi’s elite forces.

The Polisario Front is an armed movement based in southern Algeria and armed by Algeria and Gaddafi’s Libya to fight againt Morocco’s presence in Western Sahara. The leadership of the group have called for the independence of Western Sahara and refused an autonomy proposal from Morocco despite the fact that the UN had confirmed that a referendum was “unworkable” and independence was “unrealistic” while eight rounds of proximity UN-sponsored talks have so far led nowhere. (ANA)


AB/ANA/ 26 August 2011---

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