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[Published: Monday November 01 2010]

 Intel unveils new chipset to boost PC performance

The world's biggest computer chip maker, Intel, has unveiled the chipset it is banking on to cut the time it takes to produce images.

The product, code-named Sandy Bridge, is Intel's first architecture to merge a microprocessor and graphics processor onto a single chip.

The company is betting the new technology will win over both PC vendors and consumers.

It recently cut sales forecasts because of weaker than expected PC demand.

"Sandy Bridge will revolutionise PCs again," Paul Otellini, Intel's chief executive told its annual developer forum being held in San Francisco.

"On one single chip, we've put in place all the critical capabilities for computing. This is a very important chip for Intel," he added.

The chip will target low-end desktop computers and laptops and is expected to be ready to go to customers early next year.

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