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[Published: Monday June 01 2009]

Many Africans face discrimination and exclusion 


London, 28 Mai.- (ANA) - Many groups in African societies continued to face discrimination and exclusion fromprotection or themeans to get redress for the abuses

they suffered, according to Amnesty International’s annual report 2009 published in London.

In Uganda, for example, victims of numerous human rights abuses during the armed conflict in the north of the country remained destitute and traumatized, often excluded fromanymeans of redress.

Across the Africa region, people suffered discrimination within their families and communities because of their gender or their HIV status, exacerbated by their poverty. In South Africa for example, where 5.7million people were living with HIV, poor rural women continued to face barriers in accessing health services for HIV and AIDS due to unmanageable distances fromhealth facilities and transport costs. Stigma and gender-based discrimination, including violence, also affected the women’s ability to protect themselves against HIV infection and to seek health care and support. Women were also discriminated against in various societies under customary laws and traditional practices. The customary laws of certain ethnic groups in Namibia, for example, discriminate against women and girls, specifically laws onmarriage and inheritance.

In various countries, notably Tanzania, albino people weremurdered in what were believed to be ritual killings. Although the government of Tanzania denounced the killings, nobody was prosecuted in relation to themduring 2008, even though a number of people were arrested.

People were persecuted for their (perceived) sexual orientation in countries including Cameroon, Gambia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and Uganda. In various countries, same-sex sexual relationships were a criminal offence. (ANA)


AB/ANA/ 28 May 2009 ---



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