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[Published: Wednesday November 05 2008]

Drug 'tricks body to loseweight'

Paris , 05 Nov-(ANA)- French scientists say theyhave found a drug that tricks the body into burning off fat even when on ahigh-fat diet.

The University of Louis Pasteurteam found the drug protected mice against weight gain and insulin resistance.

The drug SRT1720 - a chemicalcousin of red wine extract resveratrol - targets the protein SIRT1, which isthought to combat ageing, Cell Metabolism reports.

UK obesity experts said new drug treatments were neededbut should be used alongside lifestyle changes.

About a quarter of men and athird of women in the UKare overweight, according to government statistics.

A change in diet and anincrease in physical exercise can shift excess weight, but can be hard for manyto maintain. (ANA)

FA/ANA/05 November 2008---

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