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[Published: Monday November 03 2008]

Libya seeks Russiaenergy pact

Moscow , 03 Nov-(ANA)- Libyanleader Muammar Gaddafi has said he hopes to increase energy ties with Russia, during his first visit to Moscow since the Sovietera.

Col Gaddafi said closerco-operation between the two major gas and oil producers was "particularlyimportant".

Correspondents say Russia wants Libya to support its plans for acartel of gas-producing nations, similar to Opec.

It has also been reportedthat the two countries are negotiating a civilian nuclear co-operationagreement.

Under the deal, Russia would help Libya design, develop and operatenuclear research reactors and provide fuel, Libyan media said.

The Kremlin gave no detailsother than to say that energy, and questions of co-ordination in foreignpolicy, had been the main themes.(ANA)

FA/ANA/03 November 2008---

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