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[Published: Friday October 31 2008]

Gunmen kidnap oil crew off Cameroon

Younde, 31 Oct-(ANA)- Armedgunmen in speedboats have kidnapped and threatened to kill 10 crew members froman oil vessel off the West African state of Cameroon.

The vessel's owners said thosetaken hostage were seven French nationals, two Cameroonians and a Tunisian.

The attack reportedly tookplace near the Bakassi peninsula, which Nigeriarecently handed over to Cameroon.

A group called the BakassiFreedom Fighters has claimed to have carried out the attack.

The group said it would killthe hostages within three days if Cameroon's government did not meetits demands.

It was not immediately clearwhat the group's demands were.

Reuters news agency reportedthat the attack had been carried out jointly with a second group called theNiger Delta Defence and Security Council. (ANA)

FA/ANA/31 October 2008---

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