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[Published: Monday October 20 2008]

Albino girl murdered in Tanzania

Dodoma, 21 Oct-(ANA)- Fivepeople have been arrested in north-western Tanzania for killing a nine-year-oldalbino girl, police say.

Police commander of Kahamadistrict Shaibu Mohammed said the attackers broke down the door to her home anddragged her outside and cut her throat.

They chopped off her lowerlegs and some hair which they made off with.

About 30 albinos have beenkilled in Tanzaniathis year, their parts wanted by witchdoctors for "get rich" potions.

The girl's murder - inSegese village - happened hours after President Jakaya Kikwete promised to domore to protect people with albinism.

He met the organisers of aprotest in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, on Sunday, and promised that those behindthe killings would be brought to justice. (ANA)

FA/ANA/21 October 2008---

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