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[Published: Wednesday October 08 2008]

Nigeria Police raid'baby farm'

Enugu , 09 Oct-(ANA)- Police have raided a private hospital in the south-eastern town of Enugu in Nigeriawhere they suspect new-born babies were being sold to traffickers.

Four people -two nurses and the hospital's owners - have been arrested in connection withthe "baby farm" after a 17-year-old girl escaped.

Seven pregnantyoung women discovered in the hospital during the raid are now in the care ofthe state government.

State policecommissioner Sani Magaji told the BBC Hausa service that a 17-year-old who wasdays away from giving birth had escaped from the hospital.

The women,according to the police, had spent up to six months in the hospital, waiting togive birth.

Their babieswould be sold for as little as 15,000 naira (7, 72), the police said.

It is suspectedthe babies were to be sold to traffickers who sell children into forced labouror prostitution. (ANA)

FA/ANA/09October 2008---

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