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[Published: Saturday October 04 2008]

SA unveils electric car

Pretoria, 05 Oct-(ANA)-Optimal Energy, the South African company, isunveiling Africa's first locally developed electric car.

The company says the car, expected on the market in 2010, will help reduceurban emissions and noise pollution.

The head of the firm denied that unreliable African power supplies wouldmake it difficult to recharge the car.

Kobus Meiring said that users could recharge the lithium battery that powersthe car overnight, when there is often excess energy supply.

An energy shortage in South Africa has caused power cuts, including one inJanuary that shut down mines for five days.

The car, called the Joule, can be recharged at home using a standard220-volt home outlet and an on-board charger, according to Optimal Energy'swebsite.

The Joule, whicht can then drive for 400km (249 miles), is unveiling theJoule at the Paris Motor Show. (ANA)

FA/ANA/05 October 2008---

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