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[Published: Thursday October 02 2008]

Albinos flee Burundikillings

Bujumbura , 3 Oct-(ANA)- Albinosin Burundi have been takingrefuge after three of them were killed by gangs apparently seeking to sell bodyparts in neighbouring Tanzania.

Authorities say six people havebeen arrested in connection with the murder of an albino teenage girl inAugust.

The attacks follow the killingof 26 Tanzanian albinos in less than a year.

Reports say witchdoctors soughtalbino body parts for potions that they claimed could make people rich.

Two of the albinos killed in Burundi - a manand a teenage girl - were reportedly found dead with their legs and armsmissing.

Police said the tip of thegirl's tongue was also removed.

Neighbours of another teenagealbino girl killed in Ruyigi in August chased away her attackers, six of whomwere later apprehended as they came to retrieve her body parts.

They are said to have toldpolice that they were planning to sell the body parts in Tanzania.

Albinos in Burundi -estimated to number around 200 - are now living in fear for their lives,correspondents say. (ANA)

FA/ANA/3 October 2008---

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