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[Published: Thursday September 11 2008]

Rain could delay Sudan election

Khartoum , 12 Sept-(ANA)- A minister in South Sudan's governmenthas said nationwide elections due by July 2009 could be delayed by at least sixmonths.

Minister forPresidential Affairs Luka Biong said torrential rain and a series of logisticalproblems could make it difficult to vote as scheduled.

The polls,agreed on in a 2005 peace deal, would be Sudan's first democratic electionsin more than two decades.

The peace dealended a 21-year civil war between the north and the south.

"Practically,it won't be feasible to have them [elections] by July," Mr Biong said,according to Reuters news agency.

He is from theSPLM party of former rebels, which is planning to contest the polls against theNCP of President Omar al-Bashir. (ANA)

FA/ANA/12September 2008---

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