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[Published: Thursday August 28 2008]

Nigerian state bans co-education

Bauchi , Nigeria,29 Aug-(ANA)- Bauchi State in northern Nigeriahas banned co-education at all junior and senior schools.

The bill,passed by the state MPs this week, listed a number of reasons including theneed to fight teenage pregnancies and poor performance.

Bauchi MP AminuTukur told the BBC that teenagers especially had difficulty controlling theirsexual urges.

He says schoolsare due to go back next week after the summer holidays.

It is not yetclear when they will have to become single-sex institutions.

Religiousleaders within the state's minority Christian population are opposed to theban, reports say.

They argue thatschools are not the only places where girls and boys socialise.

Privatereligious schools will not be subject to the ruling. (ANA)

FA/ANA/29August 2008---

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