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[Published: Thursday August 28 2008]

Iran to sharenuclear technology with Nigeria

Abuja , 29 Aug-(ANA)- Iran has agreed to share nuclear technology with Nigeriato help it increase its generation of electricity, a Nigerian foreign ministryofficial has said.

Thetechnology is not intended for any military use, said Tijjani Kaura, after afour-dau meeting between Iranian and Nigerian officials in Abuja.

Nigeria is Africa's biggest petroleum producer, butpoor infrastructure has resulted in severe power shortages.

PresidentUmaru Yar'Adua has said that improving Nigeria's power supply is one ofhis main priorities.

Iran is under sanctions for defying United Nations Security Council demands to halturanium enrichment.

Itinsists that its nuclear programme is peaceful and says it has a right tocontinue uranium enrichment.

Iran ,also a major oil producer, is due to bring on stream its first nuclear energystation at Bushehr early in 2009.(ANA)

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