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[Published: Tuesday August 05 2008]

Nigeria troops attack Delta village

Abuja,6 Aug-(ANA)- Nigerian troopshave raided a village in the creeks of the oil-rich Niger Delta and recoveredsurface-to-air missiles, a spokesman has said.

Soldierswere looking for militants who attacked a military camp on Saturday, thespokesman said.

Amilitant group told journalists the army fired indiscriminately when theyentered the village of Agge, killing womenand children.

Butthe army denies anyone was killed in the operation.

Oilmilitants in the region say they are fighting to ensure that Niger Deltaresidents see more benefits of the oil wealth.

Butcorrespondents say some are criminal gangs, making money from ransom paymentsand stealing oil.

Aspokesman for the Joint Task Force in the Delta Statecapital Warri said they recovered two missiles from a weapons cache they foundin the village.

"Weare working with insiders from the village who told us about the weapons andshowed us where to go," said Lt Col Rade Abubakar.

Othermilitary sources said when they approached the village militants opened fireand the troops fired back.

TheMovement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) issued a statement tojournalists condemning the soldiers' attack. (ANA)

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