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[Published: Tuesday July 08 2008]

UK to help Nigeriatackle Delta violence

Toyako , Japan, 9July-(ANA)- BritishPrime Minister Gordon Brown has said that Britain would help Nigeria tackle the persistent violence affecting oil output from the Niger Delta.

Addressinga news conference at the Group of Eight summit, Prime Minister Brown said: "Westand ready to give help to the Nigerians to deal with lawlessness that existsin this area and to achieve the levels of production that Nigeria iscapable of.

NigerianPresident Yar'Adua, also in Japanthis week for the G8 gathering with African leaders, called for a globalclampdown on the theft and smuggling of crude oil, an international trade whichis fuelling unrest in the Niger Delta.

PresidentYar Adua is expected in Londonnext week and would be meeting Mr Brown for talks on the Delta crisis amongother issues.

Tthebombing of pipelines and kidnapping of oil workers in the delta's creeks havecut Nigeriasoil production by nearly a fifth since early 2006, helping to push world oilprices to record highs.(ANA)

FA/ANA/09July 2008---

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