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[Published: Monday June 30 2008]


Sharm El-Sheikh AU Summit overshadowed by Mugabes controversialreelection

SHARM-EL-SHEIKH, 30 JUNE.- (ANA)  The 11th Summit of theAfrican Union was opened Monday in the Egyptian tourist resort of SharmEl-Sheikh in the presence of African heads of state and government.

The event is overshadowed by the controversialreelection this weekend of Zimbabwespresident Robert Mugabe.

The summit will discuss issues of peaceand security, human rights, governance and free, fair and democratic electionsas well as enhancing the socio economic and political integration of Africa.

The integration of NEPAD into thestructures of the AU, Sino- African Relations, Afro-Arab cooperation,consolidation and reinforcement of partnerships with the external world andshared values are also on the agenda.

AB/ANA/ 30 June 2008 ---

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