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[Published: Tuesday April 08 2008]

Commonwealth meeting tofocus on youth and peace building

London. 09 April  (ANA)  Sri Lanka will host the Seventh Meeting ofCommonwealth Youth Ministers (7CYMM) in Colombo from April 27 to 30 under thetheme, Youth and Peace building, the Commonwealth Secretariat announced here today.

Sri Lankan President MahindaRajapaska is expected to open the meeting, which will also be addressed by newCommonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma .

The meeting will discussemerging issues of youth development, specifically linkages between peace building,social development and transformation.

It will also provide policydirections for the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the Commonwealths otheryouth work for the next four years.

At the meeting theCommonwealth will reaffirm its vision as to how the organisation can bestaddress the challenges and opportunities facing youth, said Deputy Secretary GeneralFlorence Mugasha.

Weve got to get it right inrespect of youth development issues.

Youth representatives fromthe Commonwealth will also take part in the 7CYMM and other meetings includinga skills building workshop on women, youth and peace building.

Young people are theinheritors of a changing world  its economic distributions, social positions,cultural identities and historical narratives, the Commonwealths Commissionon Respect and Understanding said in its report, Civil Paths to Peace,published last year.

They need not be passiverecipients of these things; with appropriate support and political will youngpeople can be an active, positive force for development, locally, nationallyand internationally.

The meeting will also discusshow to eradicate poverty to help diminish factors linked to economicmarginalisation and alienation and reduce tensions among young people. (ANA)

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