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[Published: Wednesday October 10 2018]

Cameroon slams self-declared election winner

YAOUNDE, 10 Oct. - (ANA) - Cameroon's government has hit out at a presidential candidate who declared himself the winner of Sunday's election, calling his actions "irresponsible".

"The only body entitled to publish results is the constitutional council," said government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary. "Everyone must abide by the law."

Maurice Kamto of the MRC party claimed on Monday that he had won the presidential election, flouting a government warning not to announce any unofficial results.

He was one of nine candidates to stand.

Reuters news agency quotes Mr Kamto's spokesman Olivier Nissack as saying that since Kamto did not give any numbers, he did not break any rules.

"Maurice Kamto did not proclaim himself president, he claimed victory, it's not the same thing," he reportedly said.

Official results are to be published within 15 days of Sunday's poll.

Tens of thousands of people were unable to cast their votes because of insecurity.  - (ANA) -

AB/ANA/ 10 October 2018 - - -


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