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[Published: Wednesday August 08 2018]

The EU has a responsibility to stop Israel violating democracy

BRUSSELS, 08 August. - (ANA) - Despite the fact that we have lived here for centuries, Israel has always attempted to make its Palestinian citizens feel like strangers on their own land. The Israelis established a system of institutional discrimination against non-Jewish citizens, yet they were still careful to keep up appearances by stating that they are “the only democracy in the Middle East”. In effect, Israel is a democracy for Jews and Jewish for Arabs. It is a theocracy that has pushed for the establishment of one-state with two-separate systems: one for the privileged population, the Jews, and the other for the second class of Arab Palestinians. Now things are clearer: by approving the new nation state law, Israel has become an apartheid regime that is based on Jewish supremacy.

Even before this piece of legislation, which provides full political and national rights only to the Jewish population, there were already more than 50 laws in Israel that discriminated only against non-Jewish citizens. But the significance of this law goes beyond the immediate discrimination that Palestinian citizens of Israel suffer in accessing services, as it reaffirms the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem and promotes further Jewish colonisation. It also seeks to bury the two-state solution and make it impossible to have two independent states living side by side in peace and security.  - (ANA) -

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