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[Published: Monday July 02 2018]

 Knifeman attacks children's birthday party in U.S

IDAHO, United States 2 Jul (ANA) - A man has injured nine people in a knife attack at a children's birthday party in Boise, Idaho, US police say.

They believe that Saturday's attack at a complex for refugees was motivated by "vengeance" after the suspect had been asked to leave the place a day before.

Six children - aged three to 12 - were among the injured. Most of the refugees in the complex are from Ethiopia, Iraq and Syria.

The suspect has been named as Timmy Kinner, a Los Angeles resident.

Mr Kinner, 30, is charged with nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to a child.

Boise police chief William Bones told reporters the suspect had been staying with an acquaintance at the complex - but was kicked out on Friday.

He returned the following day to "exact vengeance", attacking people at a three-year-old girl's birthday party, Mr Bones said.

"It appears from the investigation, it was a matter of where they (victims) lived, not a matter if they knew the suspect", the police chief added.(ANA)
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