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[Published: Tuesday June 12 2018]

Cameroon military and separatists fuel ' violence', says Amnesty

YAOUNDE 12 Jun (ANA) - Escalating violence in Cameroon has led to armed separatists and security forces attacking and torturing people in the country's Anglophone regions, according to a new report by Amnesty International.
"They tied our hands behind our backs, gagged us and tied our faces with our towels and shorts, which they tore. They, then made us lie in the water, face down for about 45 minutes," a man, one of 23 people detained in the South-West region's town of Dadi, told Amnesty of the alleged torture he experienced at the hands of military.
"During three days, they beat us with shovels, hammers, planks, and cables, kicked us with their boots and poured hot water on us… when I tried to move and shouted, one of them used the cigarette he was smoking to burn me."
A teacher from a government school in the North-West region - one of the two mainly English-speaking areas where activists are demanding independence - told Amnesty how armed separatists raided the school and shot him in the leg.
"The assailant […] told me that I was still coming to school in defiance of calls for a schools boycott. He then asked me to raise my hands, but before I could do so, he shot me. I fell to the ground," the teacher said.
These are some of the 150 accounts, from victims and eye-witnesses, documented by Amnesty about conflict in the Central African nation.
The mainly English-speaking the North-West and South West have been gripped by unrest since activists stepped up their campaign for independence in 2016.(ANA)
FA/ANA/12 June 2018------

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