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[Published: Friday August 03 2012]

Uganda assures citizens of steps to contain Ebola

Kampala, 03 Aug – (ANA) - The Ugandan government has assured its citizens that necessary steps would be taken to treat patients infected with the deadly virus Ebola saying that efforts were being made to control the outbreak of the disease.

In a statement, the government said it was now working tirelessly with the World Health Organisation, WHO, and other health institutions to combat the disease in the  district of Kibaale, Western Uganda. Response plans at the national and district levels have been finalized and a national task force coordinated by the Ministry of Health has been re-activated, the government said. Neighbouring districts have also been put on high alert and asked to step up surveillance of all illnesses suspected to be caused by the Ebola virus. As this virus is spread by contact with bodily fluids from infected persons, the government said adherence to certain practices in infected areas can altogether eliminate the threat. It said those living in the infected area have been asked to refrain from any unnecessary bodily contact.  As a precaution, schools in the Kibaale district have closed early for summer vacation and those who have been known to have had physical contact with persons infected by the virus or suspected to have been infected are being monitored for a 21 day period-the incubation period of the virus. So far, there have been 14 suspected deaths, three of which have been confirmed from the Ebola virus. Nine of the deceased were from the one family and a further two of the confirmed deaths are accounted for by a healthcare professional. There are 36 suspected cases of infection and the patients are receiving the highest possible care and attention, the government said. (ANA)

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