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Global Conflicts/Terrorism

[Published: Friday May 18 2012]

Morocco slams UN Western Sahara envoy

Rabat, 18 May – (ANA) - Morocco said yesterday it had lost confidence in the U.N. envoy to the Western Sahara territory, the latest in a long series of setbacks in efforts to settle a decades-old dispute over the region's status. Rabat accused envoy Christopher Ross of giving "biased and unbalanced guidance" and criticised a U.N. report, published last month, which had suggested Morocco may have been spying on the world body's monitoring force. In a reaction, U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has complete confidence in Ross. The dispute, dating back to 1975, pits Morocco, which says the Western Sahara is part of its territory, against the Algeria-backed Polisario Front, which says it is an independent state. The United Nations brokered a settlement in 1991 with the understanding that a referendum would be held on the fate of the region. The referendum never took place and attempts to reach a lasting deal since then have foundered. (ANA)

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