The Syrian conflict will linger on for some time

Whatever else happens in the Middle East the Syrian civil war continues on its brutal, relentless way. The revelation that I,000 children have been deliberately murdered is easier to accept now than it would have been a year ago.

The Shia-Sunni war came closer to embracing all Lebanon with the bomb attack upon the Iranian embassy. This marked the escalation of the war and was the first attack on a non-military target since 1999.

The al-Qaeda affiliate Abdullah Azzam Brigade claimed responsibility. The devastation wreaked by this bomb may bring Lebanon closer to an allout involvement in the Syrian civil war. Even so, despite this escalation of violence will the international community now closely engaged in the Iran question, have either time or energy available for Syria.

The Syrian civil war has been ongoing since the spring of 2011 and is responsible for 100,000 deaths, a much quoted elastic figure that could be considerably higher.

There is now a huge refugee crisis affecting Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey while the attitude of the Western powers towards the war has turned from one of anger at the assault on human rights to the present acceptance of a situation into which no one wants to intervene. President Obama is determined that US troops should not be deployed in Syria and no one else is prepared to do what Obama shies away from doing.

The world appears increasingly willing to accept the war as an ongoing horror that cannot be stopped. As the West draws down its troops in Afghanistan the last engagement they want is a new and bloody commitment in Syria. Making the six-month agreement with Iran work will engage all the efforts of the Five plus One.

The Assad forces are gaining ground, their latest achievement being the bombing of a strategic village held by Sunni opponents. Assad has committed too many crimes for the international community to tolerate the possibility of him maintaining his hold on the country but if this does not turn out to be the case how will the civil war be resolved?

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